All of our rugs are hand-woven in wool (and in some cases edged with cotton). Wool is an incredibly robust material, however as most of our collection is comprised of authentic vintage pieces, some may be more delicate than others and to ensure the longevity and value of your rug, you should take good care of it so it lasts another lifetime with you.


Vacuum your rugs frequently, vacuuming across ways (across the width) instead of length ways (up and down the longest length) as this helps to work with the weave.


Every now and then, give your rugs a good shake out, outside, and where possible, leave them in the sunshine for a few hours to discourage mites, which like to make a home in any natural textile.


With our older or more delicate pieces, we recommend rubber matting is laid underneath the piece to preserve the wool and prevent slipping. This can be purchased cheaply from the likes of Bunnings. If anything is spilled on your rug, use a damp clean neutral coloured cloth (such as a tea towel) and clean warm water to rinse it. Non-toxic water wipes also work well.


Once a year or so, it’s a great idea to give your rugs a professional clean. Please let us know if you need any assistance tracking down a good rug cleaner in your area.